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Homestead Magazine is Jackson Hole’s premier resource for art, architecture, real estate, and interior design. With a focus on the blend of western and contemporary design that is so unique to the Rocky Mountain West, Homestead Magazine serves many functions in the Jackson community. It is a directory of local resources, an editorial publication featuring original articles and photography, a showcase of work by top architects, artists, builders, designers, and artisans, and a source of inspiration for anyone building, buying, or decorating a home. Read More

Personal Style

Entertaining With Style: Personal Style

Entertaining With Style

Hillary Rosendahl is an ‘any chance I get’ type of entertainer. She always has a mixed bag of family and friends, which fits perfectly with her style—casual elegance with a twist.
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Arts: Local Artists

Local Artists: Pulse


Jackson’s Western art scene vibrates with quixotic enterprise. Contemporary artists are injecting fresh form and interpretation into Jackson’s traditional themes.
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Arts: Public Art

Art of Discovery: Public Arts

Art of Discovery

A new species has taken root in Jackson Hole. Neither plant nor animal, it has sprouted up in diverse habitats along the county pathways system. This newcomer is public art.
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Arts: Collector


Christian Burch

Longtime resident and artist Christian Burch is a self-taught painter, award-winning author and a hardworking teacher who encourages children to develop their creative impulse.
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