Abbie Stanford, Francesca Paolucci-Rice, Ron Levy and Brendan Schulte (NOT PICTURED: Robyn Lunsford)


Story By
Kelsey Dayton

EVERYTHING THAT MAKES JACKSON SO SPECIAL— the stunning scenery, the open spaces, the wildlife—is protected through town, county and state development regulations, which can make planning a new construction project, whether a single house or an apartment building, a formidable task.
Jorgensen Associates, a planning, surveying and engineering rm in Jackson, has recently expanded its planning services to help guide people through all stages of planning a project, from understanding changing regulations to ling the proper paperwork. “We guide local landowners, developers and citizens through the arduous process of interpreting those regulations,” explains Brendan Schulte, a Jorgensen senior planner.

Schulte is one of five planners on staff at Jorgensen, along with longtime employees Francesca Paolucci-Rice, Abbie Stanford and Robyn Lunsford and the more recently hired Ron Levy. With this expansion in planning staff, Jorgensen can help more clients through the planning steps.

Whether you are a landowner wanting to develop a water feature or simply build a home, or a business interested in creating workforce housing, the planning procedures can be like traveling to another country where everyone speaks a different language, Schulte says. Jorgensen’s full-service planning assistance provides the translation you need. With a large staff of engineers and specialists, planners have easy access to experts in-house, making the whole process seamless.