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Collaborative Design: Farmer Payne Architects

Collaborative, a ubiquitous word used to fuse so many disparate entities, should have been reserved for a scenario like this: the collaborative design process of Farmer Payne Architects. A creative merging in the truest sense, the new firm grew from a long-standing friendship between two architects: Jackson native Jamie Farmer and Scott Payne of Louisiana. The two met as intern architects at Carney Logan Burke, where they gained invaluable experience working on high-end contemporary homes and luxury commercial buildings.

Jackson Hole has become known for its incredibly high-quality design standards,” Farmer says. “Jackson clients expect their architects to coordinate every piece of the project.

After collectively logging 11 years at CLB, Farmer and Payne each set off on their own, forming eponymous firms—Farmer in Jackson and Payne back in his hometown of Shreveport. Traveling on parallel tracks, they each built their personal portfolios before joining forces at the start of this year.

For Farmer and Payne, working together is a natural fit based on trust and expertise. Both bring a background in construction—Payne studied construction management and Farmer spent summers working construction. Such experience means their designs are simultaneously well-planned and innovative.

As principal architects, their collaborative approach considers all aspects of each project, from building a close relationship with the client to enlisting a contractor and design team early on so as to ensure a seamless design-to-build process. Tapping their well of experience in Wyoming and Louisiana, they assess their clients’ needs and tailor a team accordingly. “We get the team on board in the beginning,” Farmer says. Such early assembly ensures everyone is fully engaged in the success of the project, all working together toward a collective vision.

Eschewing a set style, Farmer and Payne embrace clean, refined designs. “Our style is rooted in connecting with the context and the people, which translates into greater versatility and diversity,” Farmer says. Consider their first project as a firm: A 5,000 sq. ft. home in the bayou of Louisiana, blending modern with colonial influence. Working onsite, Payne is leading the project management side, while Farmer is working with the design team in Jackson. The two communicate constantly, and trust each other to fulfill their respective roles. “We anticipate each other’s every move,” Farmer says.  

The merger has expanded the geographic scope of their respective practices. Most often, new clients find them through referrals from real estate agents or contractors. Farmer and Payne consider their clients to be their primary collaborators, listening and evolving their ideas throughout the design process. As principals, they are committed to being hands-on with every project. Keen to grow as firm, they never want to lose that personal connection to each client. “We will always be actively involved throughout the whole process,” Farmer says.

Farmer Payne Architects

260 W Broadway, Ste A
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Dynia Architects

The Powerful Landscape in which we live inspires our architecture at every level.

1085 W Hwy 22
PO Box 4356
Jackson, WY 83001
Stephen Dynia founded Dynia Architects over 20 years ago with the goal of designing buildings and spaces that connect people to the exceptional natural environment of Jackson Hole. His firm designs public and private buildings ranging in scale from the Center for the Arts performance hall to community housing projects; from modest guest houses to major custom residences. Dynia sculpts light, form, and space into architecture that draws inspiration from nature and from the realities of site and program. He leads a team of talented professionals in creating built environments that unite the spirit of Jackson Hole with the possibilities of the present.

What do you value most about your client relationships?

Clients come to Dynia Architects expecting innovative, thoughtful design—meaningful architecture that serves their needs—to which our portfolio of award-winning work attests. Yet it is equally important that the process is smooth and orderly; that schedules and budgets are abided by, and that the experience of planning and building a house—a complicated matter for clients with busy lives—is as stress-free as possible.
We enjoy developing our relationships with clients through the course of their projects and hope that their lives are ultimately enriched by the work that we do together.

Walk us though your approach to a project from start to finish.

The first step—whether the project is 2,000 or 15,000 square feet—is gaining an understanding of our clients’ desired program, site, budget, and schedule. I initiate schematic design options for each project, supported by a team of senior architects, each with a minimum of 15 years’ experience working in Jackson Hole.
Through client meetings and site visits, we focus on understanding the nuances of a site: sun and view orientation, terrain and texture, and specifics of the program, i.e., how the home will be lived in. Through a rigorous process, the team develops the initial concepts through sketches and models until our clients are satisfied that the design direction will serve their needs.
We then assemble an established team of consultants to execute the project. These include a general contractor, engineers, landscape architects, lighting experts, and interior designers. Our work continues until finish materials are selected and the last details are finalized. We collaborate closely with the contractor to address any challenges that may arise during construction and also remain flexible to ensure that, as the building takes shape, any insights that our clients develop are supported and addressed.
We are tenacious throughout the process, always looking for the best possible design outcomes and the most sensible decisions with regard to the program, budget, and schedule. I personally see each project through to completion, with the objective of happy clients taking ownership of architecture that exceeds their expectations.

Carney Logan Burke Architects, PC

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