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A completed project by Design Matters exemplifies the best use of space, light, color and texture, bringing a homeowner’s vision into reality.

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Today’s world has us all taking a deeper look at how to shape the best environment within the walls we call home. The team at Design Matters is poised to offer the expert attention that is needed to bring a thoughtful, collaborative design vision into reality.

Knowing what is needed at every stage for the architectural development of interiors can only be the result of deep experience and commitment to quality. Interior designer Julie Cavanaugh’s top-to-bottom approach for new builds and renovations ensures her clients are provided with critical details throughout the process. Her well-honed project management skills and planning expertise comprise the strong foundation on which Design Matters is built.

Capturing what can be achieved in a home is critical in the planning process. A rendering such as this provides full transparency into an idea.

With four design showrooms in the West, Cavanaugh instills unique details onto the canvas of a home, with full consideration to the environment. This is demonstrated in the crucial planning stages of a space, as schematics and renderings are developed. Guesswork for the homeowner is eliminated at every turn.

A finished master bath project by Design Matters sings with clean lines and elegant touches.

Cavanaugh started nurturing design relationships in the Teton region years ago, establishing trusted bonds with clientele. “Every time I returned, I was opening up to possibility,” she says. “I’ve felt so welcome here.”

Talking through aesthetic decisions in the Design Matters showroom on King Street can be done on a kitchen island. This nod to a home’s heart and what can be accomplished when like-minded people come together is no accident. “When you’ve been coming here for so many years, you can’t help but admire the spirit of this community,” explains Cavanaugh. “Feeling rooted here gives so much more meaning to that. The connections mean everything to me.”

The team at Design Matters creates renderings in order to foster ongoing collaboration with clients.

This designer finds herself in the way of beauty on a regular basis. The exposure sometimes has nothing to do with the elegant touches that are selected for a client. The sense of freedom surrounding the West is one of the grandest parts of its appeal, with the majesty of location setting the tone for continual inspiration.