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Designer Picks: Klaus Baer & Rush Jenkins

WRJ Design Associates, Ltd. / WRJ Home, Ltd.

With clients as diverse as the Rockefellers, the Carter-Cashes and Nancy Reagan, WRJ has established a deserved reputation for verve, elegance and thoughtful attention to detail. Their extensive background in fine antiques and interior design can be accessed at their flagship store, WRJ Home, located on the Town Square in Jackson, where they carry some of the finest lines of home furnishings available exclusively. Some of their favorite things include the unusual items shown here.

Klaus Rush


1. Luxe Fabric Swatches

Loro Piana sources the finest cashmere, wools and linens, all of them having a luxurious feel, not to mention an exquisitely gorgeous appearance. The Italian company’s full line of interior fabrics is carried exclusively at WRJ Home.

2. Antler Candleholder

Baer and Jenkins go for one-of-a-kind pieces, often artisan in legacy and graced with history. This elk antler candleholder is delicately rustic, speaks simply of its woodsy heritage and sits atop a sleek silver base.

Klaus Rush 1, 2


3. Wood Stool

Who knew that a carpenter’s stool could be so refined? This one echoes the past with its simple, country, Belgian feel, but is made more contemporary by its crisp lines and leather seat studded with nailheads. Exclusively at WRJ Home.

4. Alpaca Throws

Baer and Jenkins often travel the globe to locate the best artisans currently at work. These South American throws are rich with color and well priced, produced on the same wood looms that have been used for centuries.

Klaus Rush 3, 4


5. Yardstick Table

This singular “Clove Hoof ” side table was designed and built in 1986 by the artist John Marcoux, its prototype displayed at the Workbench Furniture Exhibition in New York City and appearing in New York Magazine. The table is constructed of yardsticks, pipe strapping, poplar, steel and glass.

Klaus Rush 5


6. Ralph Lauren Barware

Inspired by his private collections, Ralph Lauren’s signature barware includes glasses, decanters and leather-bound trays. Each piece is an example of fine detail and outstanding workmanship. Access to the entire Ralph Lauren line can be found exclusively at WRJ Home.

7. Teak End Table

Each of these teak root tables is intriguingly unique, a cultural piece of art from craftsmen in Indonesia. Their rustic form works quiet magic even in contemporary settings.

Klaus Rush 6, 7