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Designer Picks: Shawn Ankeny, AIA, Principal

Ankeny Architecture and Design


Ankeny Architecture and Design is truly focused on working to express its clients’ individual styles and producing diverse architecture that reflects the diversity of its clients. Principal Shawn Ankeny explains, “Every project is unique, but with a universal sense of space, functionality, comfort, and refinement—plus a touch of something extraordinary. AAD remains fascinated with the evolution of architectural styles in our valley and the way vernacular buildings inspire contemporary forms. Our goal is to create contextual, long-lasting works of architecture, while working within the unique styles, budgets, and goals of our clients.”



1. Landscape

Iconic forms in the landscape provoke inspiration. How can we disrupt the natural beauty of the land as little as possible; to blend with it and yet create spectacular visual experiences? New designs unify the desire for a cozy cabin with spacious modern living.




Just as the plates of the earth come together to create mountain ranges and texture, buildings come together in perfect lines: beam by beam, glass to frame, steel and truss. Visual drama is added as structures gain strength and solidity.



3. Light

Light imbues individual rooms with comfort, enhancing the tone of a home and instilling awareness of our surroundings. The interplay of inside and outside space is one of angle, exposure, and carefully choreographed transitions.