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Designer Picks: Tayloe Piggott

Tayloe Piggott Gallery


Tayloe Piggott founded Tayloe Piggott Gallery 16 years ago with a mission to seek out art from some of the most important contemporary artists of our time. The gallery is always evolving, specializing in art and fine jewelry that tells stories through the artists’ materials and processes, whether it be painting, sculpture or fine jewels. Tayloe focuses on curating her clients’ worlds, seeking out pieces that redefine modern luxury and timeless style.

Tayloe Piggott


1. Antler Bangles

For Nicholas Varney, jewelry is the most expressive ornament a woman can wear. It is a lasting statement of a woman’s taste and lifestyle. Each piece is crafted by the finest hands in the world, with attention to style and quality. These antler bracelets are the epitome of Tayloe’s philosophy for luxurious simplicity.

Antler Bangles


2. Artist James Castle (1899-1977)

James Castle was a self-taught artist who created drawings, handmade books and constructions that capture the simple beauty and mystery of ordinary places and things. His art continues to astonish Tayloe on an intellectual, psychological and emotional level—on a level beyond words. This drawing is from Tayloe’s personal collection.

James Castle


3. Walrus Ivory Ring

Characterized by modern design, clean lines and infusions of rich color, Monique Pe?an’s jewelry is reminiscent of paintings. She is the premier eco-friendly fine jewelry artist and the first to feature sustainable, fossilized materials in fine jewelry. Tayloe’s walrus ivory ring is a new wardrobe staple.

Walrus Ivory Ring


4. Dmitriy & Co. Daybed

This elegant daybed was placed in a recent design project by Tayloe. Dmitriy & Co. offers handmade custom furniture and European antiques and accessories that are the pinnacle of contemporary, luxurious and heirloom design.



5. Painting by Caio Fonseca

Artist Caio Fonseca, with his structural groundwork in place and his lexicon of forms at the ready, glories in the boundless possibilities that paint affords. He is an international, sought-out artist of our time. Fonseca’s work is found on the walls of Tayloe Piggott Gallery.


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