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Dream Cabin

In the spacious living room, the rusticity of the antique logs is softened by sumptuous textiles, like the caramel leather sheathing the custom sectional. Softening juxtapositions continue in the hallway in the form of an equine piece from the client’s collection of contemporary art.

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Messana O’Rorke


Several years ago, a keen prospector crossed the threshold of Snake River Interiors, sans appointment, drawn in by the aesthetic visible through the window. In town visiting her sister—a new resident of Jackson—the
Oklahoman enjoyed an electric, 15-minute chat with Elisa Chambers and quickly confided, “I want you to do my house.” The only hitch: She had yet to buy a home in the valley.

“She had a core, gut reaction and realized we would have a great time working together,” Chambers says.

Having completed several historic renovations in Washington, D.C., and now confident in her sourcing of design talent, the client patiently scanned the market for the perfect project. So, when a property with one of the historic Kudar cabins came on the market in 2019, the client acted immediately and purchased it. Over the decades, the property had become a patchwork of add-ons. Working with the architect, a specialist in historic preservation, the client restored the cabin’s original glory while breathing fresh life into the additions by introducing expanses of steel and glass.

Chambers says. “We took out a lot of the log, which is difficult to do because so much is structural and required us to be thoughtful about what we removed. Nothing was decided on a whim; every remaining log does the job it’s supposed to do. We thoughtfully went through and chose which timbers to keep.”

Now, steel I-beams and picture windows frame spaces at once open and intimate, seamless and sophisticated. Layers of texture lend intrigue throughout: The rustic timber walls complement the client’s contemporary art collection; woolens (in the form of throws and pillows and a copious cobalt sectional) soften the minimalist lines demarcated by the steel.

Original timbers frame the renovated chef’s kitchen and sitting area spaces made contemporary with clean surfaces, picture windows and a quiet palette of custom furnishings.

“No matter which room you are in, you feel as though you can relax and spend time,” marketing director Claire Adams says. “It feels like you are being embraced by each room. The ambiance is so nurturing.”

To create a transition between the living area and master suite, Chambers designed a cozy sitting area. Backing up to a bluff, the nook invites a moment of reflection, quiet and serene amid the willow trees striping the property. The master suite transforms the historic core into a refuge defined by logs darkened to be almost black. Windows bracket the fireplace in light.

Every element feels incorporated, thoughtful. The client’s husband, a passionate chef, received the kitchen of his dreams, as functional as it is elegant, with an expansive island encircled in modern stools. Forgoing a dining table in favor of a larger family room, the couple imagined a kitchen focused on sharing in the culinary creativity, with room for six diners to perch around the island—spectators to the fun.

Designer and client alike feel grateful for the opportunity to work with such a kindred spirit, with such stunning results to show for their synergy. “It’s amazing to see a homeowner who so aligned with Elisa’s aesthetic,” says Adams.