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First Interstate Bank: Big Solutions in a Small-Town Market

+ Story by Alisan Peters

Some who look at Wyoming see beauty and wide-open spaces. Others see unparalleled opportunity.

First Interstate Bank in Jackson Hole sees both. Founded by the Scott Family, First Interstate has been a longtime member of the community and a stalwart in the banking industry across the Intermountain West since 1968. First Interstate Bank provides hands-on, intimate and unique solutions for individuals, families and investors. Its blend of Wealth Management, Mortgage and Commercial lending resources offers clients an advice-driven experience that is customized to meet their specific needs.

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Jackson community member Don Alsted represents an example of this collective approach. Don and his wife, Ann, relocated to Jackson Hole from the East Coast and found much to love about this area at the base of the iconic Teton Mountain Range. Retired from the business world, Don and Ann moved to Wyoming in 2004 to enjoy the beauty, wildlife and sense of community that defines Jackson Hole. But their complex array of investments hit a significant snag when their chosen local bank was placed in receivership. Faced with the difficult decision of how to manage their loan portfolio as a result, the Alsteds turned to the team at First Interstate Bank. Together, they created a unique and personal solution that has since grown into an ongoing and dynamic relationship for everyone involved.

“What we learned,” says Alsted, “is that Jackson offers a unique blend of small-town intimacy with big-market services and resources. We could never have achieved our goals without the creativity shown by the team at First Interstate Bank. They really went to bat for us.”


As a state, Wyoming offers extraordinary tax and wealth planning value to residents and investors alike, including no personal or corporate income, gift or estate tax; multigenerational and private trust planning; and asset protection planning, among others. Further, Wyoming has made very strong and intentional efforts to provide a high degree of privacy for the identity of individuals and families. Jim Gersack of First Interstate Wealth Management joins Richard Uhl, Senior Vice President of Lending, and Jon Scott, Market President, in acknowledging that First Interstate Bank has the business acumen, resources and desire to foster long-lasting relationships and promote investment stewardship. “People from outside Wyoming,” says Uhl, “quickly learn, often through referrals, that the Jackson Hole area is banking savvy.”

Maybe that’s why Forbes named First Interstate Bank one of 2013’s Most Trustworthy Companies in America and included the banking institution on Forbes’ 2014 list of Best Banks in America. Gersack nods: “There is absolutely no reason that individuals and investors can’t enjoy big-market services and resources in our small-town market. No reason at all.”

If you are looking for traditional banking services, you’ll be sure to find them all across the nation. But if you’re looking for agility and customization in personal investment and lending scenarios, with a willingness to step beyond the usual, First Interstate Bank stands ready to welcome you into their family.

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