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Finishing Touches

Story By Katy Niner
Photos By Aaron Kraft + Latham Jenkins + Sargent Schutt

From throw pillows to floral arrangements and flames in the fireplace, the final layer of decorative elements helps coalesce the architectural and interior design, making the space feel (and photograph) like a home—beloved and inspired.

Here are some accessible tips from valley experts for finessing your domestic style:


1. Janet Munro of Simplify

  • Convey your style in an uncluttered way. Find a home for clutter so you can relax in your space.
  • Pair vintage pieces that have sentimental value with newer, modern pieces.
  • Mix high and low: Invest in statement pieces that you will love for years to come and then accessorize with budget-friendly finds.
  • Don’t be afraid to add pattern and color. Start with a neutral palette, then add pops of brighter colors. This makes your room versatile across seasons.


2. danette burr dixon of style jackson holE

  • Keep a common theme with color; try to use no more than three colors.
  • Tell a story through your styling and props.
  • Less is more: Always edit to keep the scene simple and fresh.


3. amanda jordan of WRJ Design

  • Juxtapose contrasting forms.
  • On a nightstand, make a vertical statement with the only essential—lighting.
  • Balance vertical pieces with horizontal components like a tray or books.
  • Lend a sculptural aspect to a tablescape.
  • Keep the palette consistent across all furnishings and props.


4. Christina atkinson of home again

  • Statement pieces set the stage.
  • Keep it simple and quiet so standout features can speak.
  • Neutrals bring the outside in.
  • Mix vintage, one-of-a-kind finds with more current elements.