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Intimate Choices, Thoughtful Design

The individualized culture that serves to define a home is reflected in carefully selected objects chosen by CLB and the client.

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The bespoke approach of CLB Architects acts as a calling card for a holistic design philosophy. Each project results in a true sense of place, echoing the needs and preferences of the client. Two decades in business have seen CLB grow from the niche of unparalleled custom architecture into a fully formed brand, with a robust approach to interiors that continues to expand its reach.

The CLB interiors department witnessed its inception as a natural extension of the firm’s architectural services. At CLB, the process of creating interiors is fluid and dynamic. In all projects, from hardscape to hardware, the aesthetic experience reads as a natural progression from site to architecture to interior spaces. The designers work in close collaboration with architects, builders and homeowners from the earliest pre-design stage. They strive to express their clients’ unique personalities and aesthetics in the most fitting response to site, paying close attention to appropriate scale, and selecting a palette and materials that help ground the home in its setting. The resulting interiors are comfortable, livable and original, and express a quiet sophistication that favors timelessness over trendiness.

Feeling at home in Teton Village with the help of CLB means settling into a space that is meant to foster beautiful mountain memories.

Interior design lead Sarah Kennedy explains, “Our residential projects embody a new and interesting approach for what it means to have a contemporary home in the West and have led to the opportunity of designing the owners’ suites at Caldera House. This high-end hospitality project was an amazing challenge that allowed our team to instill this fresh take on interiors in the West.” The results present with rich detail accentuated by clean lines that serve to balance a refined aesthetic.

This Park City home serves as an escape from Manhattan’s hectic financial industry. The homeowners worked in tandem with CLB to ensure a stylish and contemporary space.

This team shines brightest when challenged by the right projects and clients, says interior designer Maria James. “The best clients push us the most.” Currently, 80 percent of CLB’s architectural project base requires attention from the firm’s interiors division. “This is a curation of life through the objects that our clients hold close. Clean and contemporary are married to those objects, and we are able to tell a story through design,” says James.

A neutral and grey palette is incorporated with furnishings that feature pops of blues and gold to align with the client’s Andy Warhol artwork throughout the home.

Telling such a design story accurately is achieved through deep collaboration with the client. Interior designer Jaye Infanger elaborates, “There is no template to our work. Understanding what is needed means transparency and open communication.”

Intentional design from the CLB interiors team extends from overall concept to the smallest detail, resulting in a seamless merging of form and function.

The design ethos of CLB is supported by a heavily curated approach that balances the scale, mass and feel of a space. Intimate choices meet thoughtful design, reflecting the individualized culture that makes a house a home. The effort to bring originality to the blank canvas of each space is achieved by maintaining and growing relationships with local artisans, who showcase the region, says interior designer Cynthia Tibbitts.

Ensuring that each design challenge is met with consistent attention to detail has allowed CLB’s interiors team to stretch and grow their well-honed skills. They are now called to shape the interiors for homes that are not a part of CLB’s architectural portfolio. The strength of their work stands alone as an option for the client who wants to reinvent a space with the aid of sublime expertise.

The CLB interiors team is growing its reach through cultivated choices and personalized attention. Pictured from left to right: Erica Hawley, Libby Erker, Jaye Infanger, Cynthia Tibbitts, Sydney Millyard, Sarah Kennedy, Maria James, Halie Dedering

“Our work is inspired by place; each site and set of clients is unique. Each CLB design, from architecture to interiors, reflects that,” imparts Kennedy.

Devoting attention to texture, color and balance results in an open feel with touches of comfort.

A recent California project, nestled in the legendary Hollywood Hills, is a textbook example of what can be achieved when this squad of eight channels their talent. In this case, the client craved warmth and coziness within a space that had not been treated with any specialized care. After developing a muted palette that leaned toward a refined, beachy quality, the interiors team layered on unique textiles accompanied by warm wood finishes. They were delighted to be able to draw nature in with a full wall that opens to the outdoors, taking advantage of California light while inviting the temperate weather indoors.

A contemporary Western aesthetic brings out the best in an intimate kitchen space.

Such design achievements allow the entire CLB firm to cement an ever-growing reputation far beyond the Rocky Mountain West. The architectural side of the house works in full concert with the interiors team, boasting a culture of shared vision in brand identity, with a collective eye for meaningful detail.