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Shooting Star’s Cirque View Homestead embodies thought- ful living inspired by place, cared for with the expertise of The Clear Creek Group.

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The draw that beckons all walks of life to Jackson Hole is the surrounding landscape, abundant with nature’s beauty. To some, this atmosphere is seen through the high-caliber luxury rental market and the partnerships that exist to best serve that experience. Discerning travelers who are able to revel in this special view of Teton life rely on the legacy of The Clear Creek Group to make their visits memorable.

The Clear Creek Group’s founder, Morgan Bruemmer, and his staff foster integral relationships with second homeowners in order to deliver consistency, whether for caretaking or villa rental services. “The property owners who generously share their spaces make our mission worthwhile,” he says, “and
the level of trust we establish in caring for these homes gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy what might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The heart of the home is illuminated at The Clear Creek Group’s Aspenglow property, located at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis.

This trusted foundation is critical to the success of the firm. In business for nearly two decades, The Clear Creek Group is considered a true pioneer in a competitive market that shows no signs of slowing. The enduring commitment to excellence and the level of care offered by this team speak to the niche they have carved out as experts in upscale property management.

The loyalty of the homeowners who shape The Clear Creek Group’s villa rental portfolio is a testament to the specialized treatment they enjoy. “We take pride in our responsiveness to the needs of our homeowners and their properties,” Bruemmer says. It is this respectful consideration that breeds an ongoing commitment between the firm and the property owners, who know with certainty that their homes are in reliable hands.

Maintaining the rental properties within its portfolio with great care, The Clear Creek Group is poised to take the outdoor living experience in the Tetons to luxurious heights.

The Clear Creek Group’s reputation has established a space for the firm that is unique and exclusive. Elevating the experience in one of the most spectacular locations in the U.S. means leading with integrity. The quality of this leadership continues to set this team apart, and those second homeowners who engage their services gratefully reap the benefits.

The game room at Cirque View Homestead reflects the abundance of choice and comfort that can be found when choosing one of The Clear Creek Group’s properties for your Teton experience.