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Abode Jackson Hole

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Abode Jackson Hole

Abode Jackson Hole is a family business, first and foremost. Rob and Rachel Alday founded their property management and rental company in Park City, Utah, after their own experience renting out a second home left something to be desired. Eighteen months ago, they expanded to manage a boutique portfolio of high-end rental properties in Jackson Hole. Their goal now: Approach everything from an owner’s perspective.

But how do they do it? Laser focus, customization, and staying small.



The Aldays focus solely on property management and providing top-of-the-line service to the owners who rent through them. They are the only local property management team that considers customer service from an owner’s perspective. Abode understands the qualities that homeowners seek from their property managers: peace of mind, respect for the property, and personalization.


At Abode Jackson Hole, we offer sophisticated service, simplified.”
– Rob and Rachel Alday of Abode Jackson Hole


Customizing every aspect of their client relationship is a cornerstone of the Aldays’ business model.


“It’s your property, your investment,” says Rob. “Each property and owner is different in terms of how they want their property managed.” What this means is that Abode can cater its process to each individual homeowner, whether in its bedding program with hotel-quality sheets or in its willingness to work easily with established caretakers. As owners themselves, the Aldays know their clients like to retain control of their properties. They share that goal, and are happy to take care of the details so that each and every property they manage is profitable and maintains the company’s rigorous level of care for the integrity of the home.



Abode Jackson Hole has no outside investors—the company values staying involved from turnkey to maintenance. Keeping things in the family is how the couple ensures their exceptional level of customer service. “We’re small and approachable,” says Rachel Alday.

Instead of expanding to take on an unlimited number of new rental properties, Abode wants to stay in its sweet spot where it can offer peak flexibility and attention to detail to every homeowner without compromise. The Aldays know that each property they take on represents the treasured vacation time and family memories of clients with strong ties to the valley. For them, Abode Jackson Hole is much more than a job; it is a bond of trust created with local homeowners.

Abode makes it easy not to sweat the small stuff.