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Entertaining With Style

+ Story by Alisan Peters
+ Photography by Taylor R. Glenn

Hillary Rosendahl loves to entertain, regardless of the occasion. “I’m an ‘any chance I get’ type of entertainer,” she says. “We always have a mixed bag of family and friends, which fits perfectly with my style—casual elegance with a twist.”

Entertaining With Style | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Rosendahl comes from a long line of creative and ambitious women, which led her to open her gift store, Bet the Ranch in Gaslight Alley, in 2009. With its authentic collection of vintage items, spectacular coffee table books, one-of-a-kind home décor treasures and unique gifts, it’s not surprising that her home would reflect much the same aesthetic. She and her fiance, Mac Munro, percussionist for Mandatory Air, live in Bar Y Estates, in a log home that unleashed their creative DIY impulses. “We painted every single surface that wasn’t log. I repainted the kitchen cabinets, then revamped the bathroom to make it more comfortable for guests. Our style is very much mixing old with new.”

What Was Served

What Was Served  | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
On a cold fall day with one of our first Teton snows, I was craving something warm and nutritious, so I went with braised lamb shanks, creamy polenta, wilted mustard greens and some crusty bread. All these dishes are quite colorful on their own, but together, it’s striking! (Find menu and recipes on pages 26 and 27.)

Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
Outdoor living spaces are just as important as the inside area, especially since our summer season here in Wyoming is so short. A warm coat, a little something to drink and fresh snowfall—what’s not to like?

Place Settings

Place Settings  | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
My favorite dinnerware is from Arte Italica. The porcelain and pewter dishes are sophisticated and timeless. I wanted a monochromatic style, so I started with a Pendleton blanket as my tablecloth, tea towels from Rincon Road designs coupled with small antlers for place settings, and added a kick of hot pink in the flowers and napkins to give a pop of color.

In the past, she has extended that inclusive perspective to even staging an old beach-bound favorite, the low-country boil. “This is a meal that should be cooked at the beach and served in the sand. But, being in Wyoming, we improvised, mixed things up a little. After a day of floating and fishing the Snake River, we rushed home to our deck, pulled out a few tables and covered them with newspaper. After the boil, we dumped all the food in the center of the tables and dug in. That particular evening, like this dinner, was a special night for delicious food, great stories and amazing friends under the stars.”

Game Plan

Game Plan  | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
Lots of parties seem to end up in the kitchen. Ours always end up in the basement. We’ve made it our playroom, and with this foosball table, there’s always someone who’s up for a little good-natured competition.

Jam Session

Jam Session  | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
Mac is an accomplished percussionist and plays with local band Mandatory Air. He has a number of instruments and rhythm shakers, so jam sessions are a frequent occurrence.

It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things  | Homestead Magazine, Jackson Hole Wyoming
My favorite piece in our guest bathroom is a framed quote that was given to my parents as a wedding gift. It reads: “Somehow I can forget some of the people most of the time, most of the people some of the time, but I can’t forget people like you any of the time.”

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