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Shaping the Intermountain West

> Story by Homestead Staff
> Photography by TimBrownMedia.com and Becky Wiles, NPS


If you’ve propped your skis at the mouth of a beckoning ski lodge, played a round of golf in the shadow of a mountain, or stood for an encore at a music pavilion in the West, chances are you’ve already been inside an Intermountain Construction building. In fact, the most iconic structure of our region—Old Faithful Inn—was restored with hand-selected lodgepole pine by the Idaho-based company in 1989. More recently, Intermountain acted as the general contractor for Grand Teton National Park’s trailblazing Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center.


For Intermountain President Tyler Odgen, “community equals success.” This explains why a company with presence in multiple states retains the best of a traditional, quality-based approach to projects, blended with “all the technology available so that we can give our client the best result at the most effective cost.”


Intermountain’s approach is intimate: The same care is given to remodels of old barns and homesteads as to luxury homes, larger resort developments, and interpretive centers. “Everything we do is transparent,” Ogden emphasizes. “We’re approachable, and we want to be involved in projects where all parties give 100 percent, using every resource available to put communication No. 1.

“There’s only one way things work,” he continues, and every time, that means getting to know each person involved, responding to both client and architect, and being able to pivot when necessary to deliver premium, start-to-finish craftsmanship on homes both capacious and compact. The company’s team of 10 can realize elegant mountain chalets or contemporary civic spaces, down to the steel trusswork and concrete.

Something tells us we’ll be seeing a lot more of Intermountain Construction around these parts.