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Timeless Beauty Of Porcelain

Porcelanosa Ona Natural tile can be purchased at Architectural Stone & Tile, 525 W. Elk Avenue, #4, Jackson, Wyoming.
Architectural Stone & Tile

Story By
Kelsey Dayton

Photos By
Latham Jenkins

Porcelain contains the best of natural stone properties, with a few enhancements. It’s more polished, more refined and more resistant to scratching.

“It makes the perfect surface for interiors,” says Antonio Romero, director of sales for Porcelanosa in Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. As the name hints, Porcelanosa specializes in porcelain. With more than 40 years of experience, the company offers a seemingly endless assortment of colors in finishes ranging from matte to gloss and many variations in between. Its tiles look multi-dimensional, modern and seamless, Romero says. “We deliver the most realistic, high-end finishes in the industry.”

Porcelanosa’s designs are modern, yet also timeless, says Alicia DiMarco. She and her husband, Joe, own Architectural Stone & Tile and often work with the porcelain vendor, whose variety of styles includes warm, rustic options for Jackson Hole homes that blend Western aesthetics with a clean and contemporary look. And they make beautiful accents on fireplaces, creating an elegant, but cozy place to curl up on a Wyoming evening.

Porcelanosa-designed tiles perfectly mimic wood or stone, but still have excellent durability. “That’s why people are leaning toward porcelain,” DiMarco says. “It’s so durable, practical and dependable —and also beautiful.”