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These days it seems like the “green” movement is permeating every aspect of home design – from biodegradable wallpaper to eco-friendly cleaning products and composting toilets; there’s an earth-friendly or energy-saving option for anything you could hope to design, buy, or build.

In Jackson, we are especially aware of these green options because of our proximity to several of the country’s most beautiful national parks and forests. We want to keep our cherished national parks and beautiful landscape as pristine as possible, but it can get tricky when the farms that are so important to our region produce non-point agricultural runoff and groundwater pollution.

That’s why we’ve been so intrigued by a new technology we’ve seen popping up around Jackson. Filterpave, a hard-surfaced porous pavement made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, offers environmental benefits that touch many of the issues that impact this region. The material in Filterpave is a mix of elastomeric binder and glass fragments that would typically be landfilled. Then, the porous consistency of the material results in a reduction of storm water runoff, allowing groundwater to be replenished and filtered- an imperative part of sustaining our eco-system.

In addition, Filterpave is aesthetically pleasing, which is the other essential element in home design. Coming in five different colored pigments, your drive or walkway will be just as elegant and more unique as tiled stone, pavement, brick or asphalt. Plus Filterpave is even sturdier, and just as safe to walk and drive on. So not only is this new technology pleasing to look at, but by using it you’ll be doing your part to use recycled materials, reduce runoff, replenish groundwater and keep our community green.

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