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Home Office Inspirations

At Homestead, we’ve been having a debate about the importance of offices. Is it better to have face-to-face meetings, as argued here in this recent article from Inc. Magazine? Or does working remotely (and with unlimited vacation!) spur productivity, as Fast Company claims?

Any way you slice it, it’s nice to have a peaceful space where you can get your work done, whether it’s at home or in an office setting. Which is why we’ve been trolling Pinterest (our new obsession – follow us is you aren’t already!) for home office inspiration with a Jackson spin. Antlers? yes please! Barn doors? Absolutely. As long as we can set up our mac and double monitor command station, we’ll be happily productive. Check out some of our favorite selections below!



Sliding barn doors – we love this. Twenty Two Home was rocking a similar doorway to their in-store office.


This is actually a shot of the Barefoot Contessa’s personal home-office. We are smitten with this antique desk and the wooden stool.

Lonny Mag is a major source of inspiration for us, and that’s where we found this gorgeous shot. We love the antique desk and the dark walls.


Finally, we know log cabins and wood walls are so prevalent in our cowboy community – the white wood and stainless steel brighten this home office for a contemporary feel that isn’t stuffy.

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