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Jackson Hole Traveler: Ringholz Cover

Jackson Hole Traveler - Lodging, Restaurants and Things to DoPart and parcel with a content refresh, Homestead’s sister publication, Jackson Hole Traveler, received a re-size and redesign. Copies just hit the streets last week, and we’ve been fielding compliments regarding the beautiful cover painting ever since. Most local art connoisseurs will recognize “The Traveler” as an original Amy Ringholz painting–it captivates with an interpretation of local wildlife in distinctive, bright colors.

We chatted briefly with Amy to learn more about the painting and her upcoming shows and projects this year.

Tell us a little about the process of painting this work. What medium did you use?

The painting on the cover of the print magazine is called “The Traveler,” and this bear will make his first public appearance at my show on September 10, 2014 in Jackson Hole, called “Night Fenix.” This will be a lovely magical evening during the Fall Arts Festival where I will showcase twelve new works with a night theme running through the work and the event. This piece was made with several materials including charcoal, a spray paint, and then ink and oil paint. I find that by using mixed media, my work really has a chance to stand on its own. I love the colors I used in this bear, which make the painting have a cool feeling, and how the Snake River and the Tetons abstractly flow through the piece.

Ringholz in her studio.

Ringholz in her studio.

The bear is a part of the landscape. As we travel, we become a part of the landscape as well.

How do you express your relationship to Jackson Hole’s natural surroundings through paint? What’s unique about the community here?

Jackson Hole is usually heaven on earth. It is filled with drama in every direction– from the mountains to the incredible snowfall to the extreme weather to our gorgeous wildlife. There is nothing but inspiration in this valley to feed a painter’s mind and heart.

Do you have an activity or destination you would recommend to an art loving visitor to Jackson Hole?

If you love art, you want to be in Jackson in September during the Falls Art Fest. Being the third largest western art market in the country, this little town has not only been blessed with incredible beauty, but also incredible talent. The town fills up with shows and events and food tastings and wine pairings and artwork styles that suit every buyer. Everything from our craft fairs, to our restaurants, to our gallery walks will entertain and delight. The quality of work you will find in Jackson Hole will satisfy the creative hearts of people who love the west like we do.

What current projects or upcoming shows are you excited about?

I have my first solo museum show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson on July 12, 2014! This is one of my biggest endeavors yet: creating a showing of 20 new works and then placing them into an installation so that every viewer will have a personal interaction with the artwork. I have tickets for sale up until the day of the event at ringholzstudios.com!

Being able to live in Jackson hole year round is gift enough, but to be able to create here and pursue my dreams is beyond my wildest imagination. I hope that everyone passing through our little town feels inspired to pursue their own creative dreams.

Check out one of Amy Ringholz’s shows for yourself!
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