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Outdoor Dining Season… It’s (Almost) Here!

This may be a little premature, but all this warm weather is putting us in the mood for some outdoor entertaining. But we’re not talking about just any old B-B-Q. We want to do it the Homestead way, which means we want to enjoy a tasty dinner served in an elegant outdoor setting while gazing at a view of the Tetons.

Cooking an entire meal in an outdoor kitchen in our backyard sounds pretty ideal. We’d enlist Bontecou Construction to help install a beautiful patio like this one so we could entertain all our friends outside, or simply relax solo and enjoy the upcoming summer evenings.     

We also love the idea of hanging around a fire pit like one from Cowboy Cauldons. These babies come in all sizes, make a great patio centerpiece , and the larger versions work well if you’re cooking up a feast.

If you’re throwing a feast for a very large group, we’d suggest springing for Jackson’s own Firebelly. This portable stone pizza oven rents for $20 a head for groups of 45 or more, and was a huge hit at the recent Vertical Harvest membership drive party at the Center for the Arts.

What are you most excited about cooking outdoors this summer, and where’s your favorite patio in Jackson Hole? Is it at the Amangani, the Bird, Dornans, or perhaps in your own home?

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