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Four Daughters: Not Your Typical Jackson Kitsch

Four Daughters: another western collectibles store on Town Square? One more shop that sells Jackson Hole souvenirs and gifts?

Not so fast say Lyle and Jesse Gestal, owners of Four Daughters, one of the newest additions to Jackson’s town square. Down the wooden steps and across from the Boot Legger, this sister duo has brought to life their unique vision for a store selling Western inspired memorabilia with a big wow-factor.

“We wanted to sell art and one-of-a-kind collectibles without the typical Jackson kitsch” Says Lyle, the youngest of the four Gestal sisters. “We’ve both worked in retail here, and wanted Four Daughters to stand out from the rest of the Jackson crowd.” So after securing their new retail space, the sisters spent their off-season making road trips across the American west, finding inspiration in Taos, and unique items in antique shops throughout Utah and Wyoming. Thus the store became a collection of Western-inspired items from vintage belt buckles and old-fashioned pocketknives to restored antique furniture and worn leather saddles.
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