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Meet Jacque Jenkins-Stireman: Quintessentially Client-Focused

Jacque Jenkins-Stireman-Design - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A banner year, marked by milestone projects and two new team members, finds the creative climate inside Jacque Jenkins-Stireman’s eponymous interior design firm brimming with inspiration and activity.

From the moment Jacque opened her studio doors more than 15 years ago, she welcomed clients as friends—a genuine graciousness that evolved into enduring relationships with loyal families, many of whom announce their visits in advance so that Jacque and crew can ready their homes for their arrival. More than creative collaborators, Jacque’s team takes care of the homes they design long after the project wraps. Such enduring care grows from a natural extension of the firm’s friendship with clients.

Jacque’s approach epitomizes personal touch, says Ashley Cadwalader, Director of Operations. “We go the extra mile. We are truly client focused, taking everything to that next level. That’s the reason we had to grow: we have built a wonderful sense of expectation among our clients, above and beyond designing their homes.”

With this individualized approach in mind, it seemed only natural for the firm to take a moment and introduce itself—in its new, five-strong form. Bringing diverse backgrounds and expertise, the JJS Design team members complement one another.

The introductions must begin, as the firm did, with Jacque herself: Over the course of her two-decade career, Principal Jacque Jenkins-Stireman has designed an ambitious array of interiors across the country, from residential homes to commercial spaces and premier resort developments. She began building her portfolio in Newport Beach, California, where she graduated from the Interior Design Institute after receiving her BA from San Jose State University. She moved to Jackson nearly 20 years ago—a place that suits her tailored approach. No matter the scope of the project, Jacque places her client’s priorities first, knowing the design will follow once the vision and values are collaboratively set. By engaging all stakeholders and focusing on the client, she lets each interior’s aesthetic evolve in response to that core client relationship; fluent in a spectrum of styles, she deploys different textures, patterns and periods accordingly. Thoroughly bespoke, every interior designed by Jacque still bears the subtle imprint of her eclectic, vivid, informed imagination.

The most recent recruit, Interior Designer Brianna McIntire, elevates the technical capacity of the team. A Wyoming native, Brianna graduated from Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute of Art and Design with a BS in Interior Architecture and Design. She started her career working on commercial and residential projects, a spectrum that taught her a great deal about the systematics of structures and the relationship between architecture and interior design. Only in her home state could she pursue in tandem her passion for design and her outdoor pursuits. At JJS Design, she works on the construction side of projects, specializing in interior elevations and finishes.

Also new, Design Assistant Vanessa Pratt draws on her dozen years working in merchandising and buying—experience that honed her attention to detail, strong work ethic and time-management skills. A Boston native, she headed west for college, studying International Relations at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Enamored with the mountain lifestyle, she followed her love of adventure and skiing to Jackson. Creative and client-focused, Vanessa adds significantly to the team.

Associate Designer Kathie Harrington discovered her talent after designing her own home, even though her interest took root long before as an undergraduate studying home economics and as a mother creating spaces attuned to the well-being of her family. Her creative and committed approach finds her animating interiors with careful details and her timeless sense of style. She enjoys working closely with Jacque to help define and realize the vision of their clients.

In her role as Director of Operations Ashley Cadwalader manages client relations and drives the firm’s strategy and growth. She joined JJS Design in 2014, after starting her career in nonprofit marketing and event development—a resume that reflects her bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Marketing from the University of Tennessee. Keen to continue nurturing her business acumen, she recently earned her MPA from Villanova University, knowledge she brings to bear daily at JJS Design.

Each of these five talents followed their distinct trajectories to find themselves in Jackson, in a lasting home at JJS Design.

Tips for Building Green in Jackson Hole

Local contractors B&B Builders give Homestead some input.

Founded by brothers Ben and Brent Johnson in 1999, B&B Builders has had its hands (or tools) in many local projects over the intervening 15 years. Involved in building custom homes for the luxury and vacation markets in Jackson Hole and other areas of the Intermountain West, years of experience have honed the partners’ knowledge of local homeowner concerns and desires.Cowboy 2 05

Among these is a concern for green homebuilding. Always an eco-conscious pocket of the West, many Jackson Hole homeowners bring the same conscientiousness to their building plans when approaching a home or remodeling project. However, green building in Jackson Hole is not without its challenges. How to adequately heat a home in our harsh winters? What about the preference for facing buildings away from the sun and towards the Tetons? The views are, quite rightfully, the building focus of many local residences.

Ben Johnson of B&B Builders

Ben Johnson of B&B Builders

Ben Johnson, the Vice President of B&B Builders, agrees that “extreme winter conditions can be a challenge” for homeowners hoping to go green, although the trifecta of a good “architect, builder, and subcontractors” can go a long way in ameliorating these challenges. Energy efficient buildings are cited as money-savers, but Johnson cautions that prospective homeowners should educate themselves as to the cost upfront. An informative sit-down with your architect and builder beforehand may help mitigate any possible cases of sticker shock.

“Some ‘green’ building practices can also be cost efficient,” he says “however, many can result in much higher expenses, which should be considered. We often have clients interested in going “green” who are extremely disappointed when they see the cost difference.”

Striking the correct balance between desired sustainability and efficiency with building costs and homeowner needs can indeed be tricky. What else should homeowners consider when dreaming up the ideal green home or remodel?

Get Familiar with LEED
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This rigorous certification system was put in place by the U.S. Green Building Council, and surveys homes on 8 different factors before granting a rating. Browsing the USGBC rating system can be an effective way to discover green building avenues, even without the need to attain accreditation.

Cowboy 2 6

As a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council themselves, B&B Builders is quite informed on the topic of constructing with energy efficiency.

Arranging a Site
Situational concerns are especially significant in Jackson Hole, where homes are often constructed on bluffs or in areas that also constitute wildlife migration corridors. Considering these factors when choosing how to situate a home is key, as is taking into account the possible impacts of erosion. One way to combat this problem is to landscape with native plants that don’t require extensive watering. As forest fire danger is also a perennial concern for local homeowners, fire-safe landscaping presents a proactive approach to safeguarding home and hearth.

Exterior of a home constructed by B&B Builders.

Exterior of a home constructed by B&B Builders.

Check the Source
The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit that oversees the sustainability of the wood that is used in building projects. As wood construction is a foundation of local construction, paying attention to where timber is sourced can certainly mean a greener home. Reclaimed, local, or certified woods all meet the LEED standards. Many local builders and sub-contractors use Douglas Fir, as well as reclaimed hardwoods to construct everything from floors to window frames. Sealed concrete and even bamboo can also meet the criteria for greenness.

Lowering Consumption
Homes constructed to utilize energy-saving lightbulbs in kitchens, or outfitted with low-flow showerheads and toilets in bathrooms are less wasteful of energy and water—this is also one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to go green. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can include these greener substitutions. In the case of an extensive renovation, however, Johnson urges “if possible” to “arrange to live somewhere else during the remodel.”

Hansen 16The Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project has some tips of its own for local residents and prospective residents.

Clean Air
Living in a green home isn’t simply about how your builders build or how you and your household creatively think through ways to cut down on usage. It’s also about the air you breathe. LEED certified buildings must meet certain standards of non-toxicity, which comes down to painting and finishing with water-based stains, paints, and sealers. Natural vs. synthetic carpets also contribute to low toxicity around the home, as do proper ventilation and the usage of air filters. As Jackson Hole’s climate is already so dry, mold and the moisture levels of indoor areas are of lesser concern than they are in other regions of the United States.

Cowboy 2 04Ben Johnson affirms that while classic “rustic mountain” styles remain a mainstay of local home projects, “rustic contemporary” is gaining a foothold. As local homeowners hope to embrace green building practices and modern modes of construction, a team of expert builders, architects, and designers is key to outline the project, address the scope of the home, and highlight the newest innovations of the practice.

More than a temporary trend, green building is here to stay in the valley.

(all images provided by B&B Builders)

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