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Tayloe Piggott’s Canvas

While traditional artists might express themselves with paint on a canvas, Tayloe Piggott’s form of collaborative expression is her gallery. Piggott has a unique talent: she is able to bring her love and understanding of beautiful design to her client relationships, helping her clients discover their own personal aesthetic. At the Tayloe Piggott Gallery on South Glenwood, Piggott introduces her clients and the Jackson art community to beautifully curated contemporary art exhibitions and selection fine jewelry from around the world. Her adjoined Design Studio serves as a collaborative environment; it is here that Piggott works with her clients as an Art & Interiors Consultant to bring her discerning eye for interior design, art, and jewelry together in a fully rounded experience.

“Tayloe’s mission for the gallery is very comprehensive,” says Carolyn Reeve, Associate Director. “The art and its environment evolve together. Tayloe helps our clients see the interaction between art and interiors. Lighting, textures, and colors of the interior actually elevate the art, and vice versa.” The gallery’s selection of jewelry enters into the equation too: “Tayloe will work with clients to help them express their complete personal style whether its through art, interiors, or jewelry.”

Piggott draws from her unique design background to successfully combine these elements in her client relationships, gallery, and the Jackson design world at large. After working in the interior design arm of an architecture firm, running a fine jewelry and clothing catalogue company, and starting fine art framing business, in 2001 Piggott began to unify her talents for a complete offering at what was originally called the JH Muse Gallery. Rebranded the Tayloe Piggott Gallery in 2010, the new name reflects the gallery’s broader vision and growing influence with international scalability.

At her Gallery, Tayloe's discerning eye for interior design, art, and jewelry is an expression of creativity.

As Piggott brings new jewelry collections, designers, artists, and art exhibitions through the gallery with some frequency, the space is often used to host openings and events where everyone is made to feel a part of Jackson’s thriving art scene. Piggott is able to bring this stimulating and exciting experience to each of her client relationships, fostering their own creative vision.  To get a taste of the Tayloe Piggott experience, stop the gallery at 62 S Glenwood across from Trio restaurant, or save the dates of the gallery’s exciting upcoming summer events and exhibitions.


May 18 – July 10

Artist Reception May 18

Celia Gerard

Tadaaki Kuwayama


June 27 – 28

Lauren Harper Jewelry Trunk Show


July 12 – August 26

Opening Reception July 12

James Castle

Susan York


July 17 – 19

Erica Courtney Jewelry Trunk Show


July 25 – 26

Nicholas Varney Jewelry Trunk Show


August 2 – 3

Victor Velyan Jewelry Trunk Show


August 7 – 8

Gurhan Jewelry Trunk Show


August 14 – 15

Todd Reed Jewelry Trunk Show


August 30 – October 16

Artist Reception (Invite-Only) August 29 //

Public Artist Reception September 7

Paul Villinski


September 5 – 6

Paula Crevoshay Jewelry Trunk Show



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