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WRJ Design Associates: Refined Taste Finds a Home in the Tetons

With clients ranging from Sotheby’s in New York to Julien’s celebrity auction house in L.A., and with high-end corporate, residential and landscape projects around the globe, jet setting and city-living have been the norm for Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer of WRJ Design Associates LTD.

So when the designers chose small-town Victor, ID as the home-base for their first retail store, WRJ Home, this past May, you’d never expect it to feel like such a perfect fit for their refined tastes.

But the sunny, airy space that WRJ chose for their store was bubbling with a selection of beautifully curated home décor items. Their collection reflects the duo’s impeccable taste and love for antiques, with an infusion of classic Teton aesthetic. And the inside door that leads to favorite local restaurant, Sundog Café, brings everything down to earth for a refreshing and inviting vibe.

“Design in this region doesn’t have to be heavy fabrics and taxidermy.” Says Rush, who left his position as Design Director at Sotheby’s Auction House in New York to found WRJ in 2003. “We do have these little mounted antlers in the store, but it’s because they’re antiques. They have a story, which is what makes them interesting and adds value.” Rush is a firm believer that the story behind each of these pieces is what infuses it with meaning. WRJ designs spaces in relationship to their surroundings, providing context for the items inside.

But the store in Victor is just one piece of the WRJ puzzle. With so much expertise and so many varied abilities, the designers certainly don’t want to stop now. They hope to expand their empire and grow their design business Jackson and Teton Valley this spring while continuing their exhibition and interior design business. Their hope is that the space in Jackson will incorporate their experience with celebrity collectables and exhibition design in a gallery-like space where they can host events.

We know we’ll be seeing more of WRJ as their designs make an impact in the local community. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jackson as Rush and Klaus bring continue to bring their ideas to life!




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