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Artisan Creations

Artisan Creations added a custom mantelpiece to this fireplace, part of an extensive 8,000-square-foot remodel near the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club. After seamlessly installing the cherry mantels flush with the original Montana moss stonework, the team layered on a stain, glaze, and alternating coats of lacquer to achieve a rich, worldly aesthetic.

PO Box 1289
Driggs, ID 83422

“We believe that our business is the mark of superior craftsmanship, custom woodworking, and design solutions that will harmonize the atmosphere of your home.” This is Artisan Creations’ owner Todd Witek’s raison d’être in a nutshell. Witek is a 22-year veteran of the industry: He began as an architect, but then stepped onto building sites for the challenge, client focus, and ever-evolving possibilities inherent in bringing a project from idea to sketch to fully embodied reality. When asked why he gets out of bed every morning, Todd is succinct: “I love what I do.”


What’s the quick “snapshot” of your brand?

Artisan Creations is an architectural construction company. I’m marrying my two educations together as an architect and builder—I think the two belong together. It eliminates that middleman. However, if a client comes to me with a set of designs from another architect, I’m happy to build that, too.

What design projects have brought you the most satisfaction and why?

The most satisfaction I get is from a project where I can rehearse all of my qualities—designing in full form and function, so that I meet the function for the client, yet it’s also very appealing to the eye. I believe that good design leads to good construction. So, I’d say architecture, craftsmanship, and green construction: If I can get all those, then that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

How do you work with your clients to pull together inspiring design elements and realize their project goals?

Well, I try to get to know my clients, and I get to know their needs and what’s important to them. I tell my clients a lot, “You’re the one that has to— day in, day out—live in this house. So, whatever it is you want, and whatever is going to make you happy is ultimately what I’m going to build.” I think it’s a very rewarding process to extract what’s in their heads and make it materialize. That’s the challenge, but ultimately that’s going to make the client and myself the happiest.
I’m very flexible in working with clients: I cater to their needs, whatever their needs may be. I always give clients full transparency so they may see where their every dollar is spent. In addition, whenever a timeline is given, I strive to stay on schedule, and of course stay on budget, always maintaining clear communication with my clients regarding any changes along the way.

“If it’s important to my client, it’s important to me.”

What, in your opinion, is the most important aspect of a successful, finished space? How does the space feel?

I think ultimately I can build the finest craftsmanship, the best design, all that kind of stuff, yet at the end of the day it’s really a family who creates the feel of a home.