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1715 High School Rd, Suite 210
Jackson, WY 83001

Design innovation is only one dimension of Jacque Jenkins-Stireman’s track record and increasingly ambitious design portfolio, which includes both showcase residences and premier resort developments. After 15 years of meeting the expectations of a wide range of clients and developers, Stireman has demonstrated that great design is the dividend of a rigorous exploration of clients’ objectives and lifestyles. Her approach is to put business first–and beautiful, functional design will follow.


Tell me more about your “first principles” approach to interior design.

As a designer I invest enormous time and experience into decisions about aesthetics, furniture, and finishes, but as a businessperson I know those decisions are made much more successfully when I’ve invested my greatest energy into a client relationship. I treasure excellent design. But it is most beautiful when it is purposeful, and when it serves the client’s lifestyle. My most successful projects are inevitably the consequence of successful coordination—when client, architect, builder, designer, and artisans are intentionally integrated with clear and well-defined objectives. The result can surpass a client’s expectations.

What’s your process? Tell us more about your approach to working with clients to realize their vision.

The more you know about your clients, how they live, and what they truly envision long-term for their residence, the more you can create their lifestyle here. It’s a home, not a showcase. It’s heart first. I just appreciate good design and I have projects that are 180 degrees different from one another—really rustic, really traditional, really farmhouse, or ultramodern—it’s all in just being sure that you understand the clients’ objective.

My business is successful because we really follow these principles; a large portion of our client base has been on our roster for 15 years. These are long-term relationships that extend from the first project to renovations and additions, referrals, upsizing, downsizing, even homes in other locations. Client relationships come first; we start every day that way. I can’t ever lose sight of that for personal, creative expression: It has to function in the space, meet budget requirements, and serve the architecture. It’s about pushing yourself creatively within the parameters of the relationships you have with the homeowner. The primary reason I started PlaneWood™, our by-design case goods division, was to be able to further serve the custom requirements for every project … uniquely.


What’s a memorable story or experience that stands out to you in your years of working as an interior design professional in Jackson Hole?

One project that stands out for me was when a client went in search of a team of people who worked well together and shared the same creative philosophy. They were very clear with their objectives and also wanted to be very involved in the process. All of us together—architect, builder, homeowner, and myself—identified the property, and settled on the design style and architecture. Style-wise, we really used the home’s location to help shape that vision. All of us were involved from beginning to end in just about every aspect. It was a wonderful and successful experience and has developed into a long-term relationship. It so speaks to my philosophy: Listen first, design with purpose.