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Solid Concrete

PO Box 8275
Jackson, WY 83001

Evans Construction is a locally managed construction company that maintains its small-town level of customer service whilst providing award-winning and environmentally friendly excavation, paving, and concrete solutions throughout the valley. Its staff adheres to the highest safety standards and prides itself on years of experience, close customer relationships, and a rate of over 90-percent on-time deliveries.


Tell us more about your batch-plant production and service.

Evans: Many people know us more for our paving and excavation work because the work is more visible, but ready-mix concrete (manufacturing through delivery) is a very important part of our business. Our goals in concrete are the same as in other departments of Evans Construction—to give the consumer the highest-quality product, with long-term durability in mind at the best price we can. Our vertically integrated batch plant means that we maintain product consistency from start to finish. We submit our batches to regular testing, and between them, our batch-plant personnel have decades of experience. We do all of this following the utmost safety standards, not only for our employees’ sakes, but for our customers’ as well. We are here long-term to deal with any problems and customer needs into the future.

What’s it like having Eric from Solid Concrete as a customer?

Evans: Our team values smooth working relationships cultivated through client knowledge, and Eric is one example of the high-quality customers we enjoy working with. We recommend his services all the time, as well as those of our other top-notch contractor clients.

IMG_0188Eric Rahilly has been creating beautiful, long-lasting, and memorable stamped-concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks in Jackson Hole for over 20 years. His process combines the highest-quality ingredients with superior craftsmanship to create a custom-colored and -textured final product that offers the look of traditional paving with the added durability of concrete.

“You’re only as good as your reputation.”

Tell us more about your process.

Eric: It’s our coloration and design that separate us from the competition, as well as our commitment to detail. We ensure our projects’ longevity by using the highest-quality concrete in a heavier mix that allows for consistency in design and prevents color bleeding. In addition, using a heavier mix helps to create a finished result that is sturdier and long-lasting. Longevity also comes from extensive prep work to combat our harsh environment—all of my work is rebar-reinforced to reduce cracking and make it structurally sound if it does.

What’s it like working with Evans Construction and Mark at the batch plant?

Eric: We’ve had a great working relationship for 15 years. The customer service couldn’t be better, and Mark really puts the customer first. The way Evans Construction tests aggregates and offers a multitude of mix designs all adds up to a level of professionalism. I know I can always count on them—the quality of the product and customer service go a long way.