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Teton Partners Real Estate

Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty
185 W Broadway
PO Box 3281
307-690-4529 Jill Sassi-Neison
307-413-1492 Collin Vaughn

By working together, Jill Sassi-Neison and Collin Vaughn represent the combination of over 30 years of specialized experience in Jackson Hole real estate, backed by the depth and sophisticated market knowledge of Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty. The agents’ determined drive and focus extend to personalized service on all sides of a transaction, and the two maintain a position on the cutting edge through their presence in the Four Seasons Resort and Residences office. This means that Sassi-Neison and Vaughn encounter buyers from around the globe and work assiduously to pair them with the ideal Jackson Hole property. Their success has been proven year after year, as the two have consistently maintained Sotheby’s Top Producer position in the local market.

Driven. Creative. Diligent.

What is the quick “snapshot” of who you are as realtors?

Currently we are in a tight market and we are innovative and aggressive in order to help our clients achieve their goals. Working with buyers gives us the sense of helping build the community. It’s more than just finding them the right home, it’s about the whole picture of living in Jackson Hole.

What distinguishes you as a real estate team?

Us. We each have attributes that we bring to the table that are very different from one another; working together we are more effective. Collin is a Jackson Hole native: He has intimate knowledge of this valley. Jill is from the East Coast and brings enthusiasm for the lifestyle and a strong, driven work ethic. Having the Sotheby’s brand behind us, and also working in real estate full time keeps us on the pulse of what is happening in the Jackson Hole market.
Our drive to achieve in this business is our commonality and has kept us as a top producing team for years. Working on the Four Seasons team, which we both have done since 2005, has allowed us to give our clients exposure to more buyers, as we are the first stop buyers make in their search for a Jackson Hole property.

Tell us more about your approach to working on all sides of a real estate transaction.

Education, information, and customization are key to working with both buyers and sellers. For sellers: We are not looking to collect listings. We service the listings we have. That is the bottom line: customized marketing for properties. We are in a special place, therefore our approach has to be different. Being there for their showings and representing clients during all stages is key to successful transactions.
Education is vital to working with buyers. Showing buyers all of the options that meet their criteria is key so they can make well-informed decisions. We take the time to really listen to what they are looking for, then work together to find them the perfect property.

What diverse knowledge of local market trends and properties does Teton Partners draw on every day?

Collin has a background in commercial real estate and finance. Jill is educated on resort property and second home purchases. We have been in the real estate business collectively for over 30 years. Working at Sotheby’s with Jackson Hole’s most experienced agents gives us the advantage of being in front of the market.
Jill is serving as the 2015 president of the Teton Board of Realtors—this position puts her in front of the industry on a national level, and she then brings that knowledge back to the team. Teton Partners Real Estate is on the forefront of Jackson Hole’s premier real estate teams. We are committed to continuing to grow and change within an industry and market that is always in flux. We know this is essential for the success of our clients, which in turn leads to our continued success.