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The Tree and Landscape Company

A sense of achievement comes with a satisfied client.

986 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

The Tree and Landscape Company has been creating signature, sustainable landscapes and gardens in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 15 years. Three years ago, it altered its name from Firewise Landscaping. The company tackles each landscape project with an experienced staff of landscape designers and construction specialists. President Harry Statter says, “We use the opportunity to blend form with function for residential and commercial properties in Jackson. Through TLC’s property-maintenance services, we deliver a long-lasting, superior landscape that provides a client with a level of quality that lasts many years into the future—a lifetime.”

Pictured (left to right) Bryan English, Josh Reed, Harry Statter, Josh Gibson, and Carrie Bell.

What sorts of services do you offer to your clients?

At TLC, we offer everything from full-service landscape and garden design to installation of your project, to ongoing maintenance for the entire property and all of your continued landscaping needs. Our landscape services include garden creation, hardscape patios, ponds, tree planting, lighting, irrigation, and organic lawn care.
As internationally certified arborists, we provide tree care, including pruning and disease and pest control, as well as removals and forestry maintenance. Our full-service lawn and garden program includes annual planting, weeding, fertilizer treatments, mowing and trimming lawns, irrigation adjustments, and more. Furthermore, we have integrated organic fertilizers into our maintenance program so as to provide a safe and animal-friendly environment.

How do you collaborate with clients and architects to create landscapes that suit the property and home?

We have worked on a wide variety of residential and commercial landscape projects, including large-scale residential estates, ranches, hotels, restaurants, and parks. We recognize that each project is unique in its relationship to Jackson’s natural environment.
Through interviews with the owner and walking the property, we discover the unique features of a property, uncovering the genius loci or “spirit of place.” This process then guides the design and the installation. The same process rings true when working with architects, general contractors, and consultants on a project. By fully understanding the design and intent of the team, we are able to seamlessly transition genres from the vertical elements of a home to the horizontal landscape, and to do so in an efficient and productive manner that provides a client with a signature space and place to call home in the timeline they expect.

How do you approach landscaping, tree maintenance, and firewise forestry for Jackson Hole?

The simple answer to this is to blend form and function with nature, creating a natural state for the landscape and garden. A client should not have to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. TLC recognizes that each project is different, and that the needs of our clients and their properties will vary. Our expertise, knowledge, and experience allow us to actively listen to the customers’ needs, and prepare a design or maintenance program that will be efficient and effective, and will incorporate the individual considerations of the landscape project.
As long-time residents of Jackson Hole, we feel an obligation to maintain the natural beauty of the area. Our goal is to integrate our designs with minimal impact to local wildlife, enhancing the natural surroundings while still creating extraordinary spaces that our clients can enjoy daily.