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Consider a contour map: Each line follows a distinct feature; collectively, the lines chart a unique topography. Such is the same with our Exclusive Lines: Each brand contributes its distinct voice of superior craftsmanship and design while coalescing into a singular landscape curated by WRJ Design.

Mosaique Dining Plate by Herme?s, Paris.
Gio Ponti Armchair by Molteni & C, Italy.
Ovale Lamp by Carlo Moretti, Venice.
LC4 Villa Church Chaise by Cassina, Italy.


WRJ Exclusive Lines


The Pinnacle of Alpine Elegance
From the spectacular spires of Savoy come the world- renowned woolens of Arpin, a mill employing exquisite techniques refined over eight generations—a perfect reflection of the alpine elegance found in the Rocky Mountains.

Sourcing Nature’s Finest Fibers
Our quintessential collection, Loro Piana travels the globe to find the finest fibers for sumptuous fabrics. A sixth-generation Italian company, its discerning clientele appreciate tradition, beauty, nature, and craftsmanship.
Inspired Modern Living
Working in collaboration with the world’s foremost furniture designers, Bolier produces luxurious furnishings inspired by tradition and designed for modern lifestyles. With an esteemed roster of designers, Bolier boasts a distinctly global sensibility.
Fundamental Contemporary
The wide world of design owes much of its modern depth and breadth to this 80-year-old Italian manufacturer. Founded on an obsession with quality, Molteni remains the global leader in modern furniture made well.
A Relaxed, Elegant Lifestyle
The U.S. claims a coven of visionary designers, led by Calvin Klein. By applying a minimalist aesthetic to all aspects of modern living, Calvin Klein has reshaped the landscape of American design and beyond.
Ageless Expressions of Beauty
Picture intelligent design and expert craftsmanship rich with sartorial savoir faire; picture Poltrona Frau. The legacy brand represents the apex of Italian design, expressed in every impeccable leather piece, be it furniture or a Ferrari.
International Design Heritage
For nearly a century, Cassina has been synonymous with some of the most important names in 20th-century design, including Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and remains the Italian definition of high-end designer furniture.
A Masterful Legacy
As the last remaining silversmith in France, Puiforcat carries forth an exquisite family tradition. The art deco imprint of fourth-generation master silversmith Jean Puiforcat endures in the elegant geometry of current collections.
Artistic Lineage
Rooted in the glass mastery of Murano, the Moretti brothers scale new heights of functional sculpture by melding their trade with contemporary Italian design. Creativity and innovation converge in their luminous collection—each piece mouth-blown, hand-finished, signed, and dated.
The Pioneer of Alpine Elegance
A connoisseur of quality, Ralph Lauren Home sets the standard for alpine elegance inspired by nature. We draw inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s passion for all things beautiful, be it in fashion or furnishings.
Iconically French
Every elegant piece produced by Herme?s draws upon the deep well of French history. Table settings take on the inspiration of high art with references to art deco friezes, historic mosaics, and Andalusian ironwork.
Luminous Sophistication
For four centuries, Saint-Louis has channeled history and creativity into crystal manufacturing. Each piece represents an evolution of Saint-Louis’ luminous legacy and technological advancements, thereby representing sophistication in all forms.
Attuned to Environment
Janus et Cie encourages outdoor living by aligning style and values in designs at once materially innovative and environmentally sustainable. Befitting its eco-conscious aesthetic, a Janus et Cie piece
lives as effortlessly indoors as out.
Parisian Flair for Furnishings
Sempre expresses Parisian style through the finest European materials: Belgian bluestone and Italian white marble. As one of only several dealers in the U.S., we work with Sempre to customize pieces for our clients.