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Wyoming Title & Escrow

“The Choice is Yours! Demand the Best!”

211 E Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

Wyoming Title and Escrow’s skilled and knowledgeable team is different from any other local title and escrow insurance company. At WTE, the staff understands the value of great
service and seeks to provide it with integrity to best serve its local community. WTE is backed by the strength of Mother Lode Holding Company, which has serviced the nation’s real estate industry for over 40 years. WTE offers exceptional title insurance and escrow services throughout Teton County and Lincoln County.

Walk us through your team’s process as it works with individual clients to meet their transaction needs:

We (Liz Jorgenson and Christina Feuz) have created communication amongst the real estate community that is cutting edge for our industry. We have both been in the shoes of a realtor prior to opening WTE and communication seemed difficult at best when we were closing deals for our clients. Buyers, sellers, and realtors need constant communication throughout the escrow process, and even more importantly, we understand that we need to earn their trust. We also recognize that a title company can be a reflection on realtors or lenders, so we expend every effort to treat our customers just as their realtor or lender would treat them.

How does WTE commit to the utmost privacy standards in its client relationships?

Ask any real estate attorney in town about our reputation for client confidentiality, and we are confident their reply would be that we have the most stringent standards for client privacy in the industry. This is one of the crucial components of a real estate transaction. WTE takes pride in our impeccable reputation for maintaining the highest regard for confidentiality within the walls of our office.

What sets your diverse and locally sourced team of title and escrow professionals apart?

Our team has years of experience. Our senior title officer has been researching titles for over 30 years. It has been incredible to watch her build relationships with local real estate professionals and attorneys. Moreover, this has culminated in a reciprocal relationship in which they now turn to her to ask their difficult title-related questions.
Our escrow team is the most knowledgeable in the industry and we are the most service-oriented group of women in town. With a large holding company
behind our team, we can offer the most innovative and technical services available. Our title delivery system is extremely user-friendly, using cutting-edge software that integrates public records. WTE is the only title company in our community with a fully digitized title plant. This represents one single categorized database, and we are proud that we took the time and effort to incorporate this invaluable resource to the county.

What, in your opinion, creates WTE’s reputation as an exceptional title insurance and escrow business?

One word: service. It is that simple. We hate to give out our secret, but it’s truly not rocket science. We are committed to providing our colleagues, customers, and clients with respect, compassion, integrity, and accountability. These are simple principles and for the last eight years have proven to be the key to our success. Here at WTE we are confident when we tell our customers and clients, “The choice is yours! Demand the best!”